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About PeaceofMind Alert

The PeaceofMind Alert system consists of three parts; the personal help button, master unit and the response center. The personal help button is available as a necklace or bracelet, and should be worn at all times by the member. When the personal help button is pressed it will activate the master unit which conveniently plugs into any type of telephone connection in the home. The master unit immediately calls the response center and within seconds our highly trained care specialist will speak to the member over the base unit. Depending on the emergency the care specialist will notify EMS, police, fire or friends and family to let them know what is going on with their loved one. Seniors and their families now enjoy great peace of mind knowing that help will be only a push of a button away.

PeaceofMind Alert is proud to say they only use equipment that is made in the USA and our new master unit is the only system on the market today that’s 100% compatible with all types of telephone connections. Our 911 trained and certified care specialists are also located in the USA and can assist not only with medical emergencies but also any equipment questions.



Statistics on Falling and the Elderly

Falling and its resulting injuries are an important public health problem for older adults. The National Safety Council estimates that persons over the age of 65 have the highest mortality rate (death rate) from injuries from falls. Among older adults, injuries cause more deaths than either pneumonia or diabetes. Falls account for about one-half of the deaths due to injury in the elderly.

Complications of Falls

The complications of falls are numerous and significant.

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